The Start of Something…

posed newborn baby girl black and white collage

The start of something…scary and exciting! This new venture is finally well underway.

Just a year and a half ago, this was a mere fleeting thought. This thing, just another way for me to create – another outlet for my need to produce art, is finally happening.

Despite my busy [married mom-of-a-toddler working full-time] kind of life, I decided now would be a good time to start my photography business. And not just any photography, but newborn babies. New humans. It’s an amazing privilege to capture these tiny little beings at the start of their sleepy little lives, creating a forever memory of their tiny little features. Their perfect eyelashes, toes and cute button nose. See what I did there? Crafty, eh?

What is it about a newborn that makes me slow down? Why is it when that sweet little bundle is in my lap getting all wrapped up, all of a sudden I have ALL the patience? Anyone that knows me, knows patience is just not in my dictionary. But that all changes at the start of a newborn session. These tiny humans are in control. Do they know it? They probably do. I know it, that’s for sure. And if I want that sweet curly pose out of them, I’d better take my time letting them know I’m aware, they’re the boss. 

Anywho, portraits are my favorite! Newborns to toddlers and everything in between, new mommy’s to be and families. I love taking pictures, as evidenced by the massive amount of space they’re taking up on my hard-drive (a story for another time). If you’re reading this, I hope you think of me next time you need a portrait or two.

Till next time

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