Newborn Session Information

Our Signature Newborn Session is a custom, full service experience that safely & conveniently takes place in the comfort of your own home. It can include hair and makeup for mom, with access to the client closet for mom and any siblings and wardrobe suggestions for dad. Baby will be photographed using our full variety of props and accessories – I specialize in photographing posed, sleepy newborns.

The Petite Newborn session is for baby only. Baby will be photographed using one color scheme and prop, and the session lasts about 1 hour depending on baby. A full gallery is still provided to select from.

For each session, I select various wraps, back drops, bowls, and accessories from my ever expanding collection of props. I will coordinate colors and styles to compliment your home decor and taste. You won’t need to worry about a thing! I’ll bring everything needed with me to provide a full service experience, right in the comfort of your own home.

No need to manage getting out of the house with your new baby, you have enough to worry about!

While I am capturing beautiful images for your family, It is my foremost priority to ensure your little one is handled safely at all times, and that you are comfortable in your session. Rest assured knowing that all of our props and materials that are brought to a session are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Fabrics are machine washed, hard surfaces are cleaned and disinfected, and anything that can’t be washed is spot cleaned, steamed and/or UV light sanitized. We use hand sanitizer liberally, and maintain a strict sick policy. Our Newborn clients are spaced out to allow extra cleaning time.

Since newborns don’t really have any eating or sleeping schedules, I’ll have you start feeding your baby after I arrive, while I am setting up for our session. A fed and warm baby is a sleepy baby! During the session, the shooting area will need to be kept quite warm for baby’s comfort. Typically, around 80 degrees. I will bring a space heater with me to help achieve this temperature. Also, while your new baby may not take a pacifier, please, keep one on hand as it will be helpful in keeping the session moving along when baby might otherwise be unsettled.

Session times can vary anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the baby. This is a flexible guideline, as we will not book more than one newborn on the same day to ensure your baby gets our full attention. The easiest way to ensure a sleepy, settled baby is to keep the baby warm, and be willing to offer a pacifier and/or feed them as needed. Burping is also very important, as any gas buildup in baby’s tummy can cause them to be upset. If your newborn is a little older, with pediatrician approval, you can keep gas drops on hand to prevent an upset tummy on the day of the session. 

When deciding who you will have with you at your session, please keep in mind that the environment must be safe and calm for the baby to remain soothed and settled while being posed for pictures. Ideally, the session should take place in a clutter free bedroom or dining room. If there are older siblings, please plan to have another adult present for their care. We will be bringing a fair amount of props and equipment and may need to push a chair out of the way to make extra space.

It’s best to try and schedule your newborn session 2-3 months before baby arrives. This will ensure you a date on my calendar as I only offer a limited number of sessions each month. Of course, baby will come when they’re ready! So after you have delivered your baby, please contact me as soon as possible to schedule the session day. The sleepiest babies are between 6-14 days old, and more readily allow the curled up poses. However, I love photographing older newborns as well, & have photographed 8 week old babies as newborns and they’ve done amazingly well!

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