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Fresh 48 

Hello Baby!

No matter what you call this lifestyle newborn session, you can be sure that the story it tells is so special. These images capture your first hours with your newest addition. So much is happening and you’re still wrapped up in the fact you just gave birth. You finally have in your arms what you’ve been waiting 40 looong weeks for! Your sweet little baby is finally here.

That time in the hospital feels like forever and not long enough all at once. Between visitors, nurse and doctor check-ins, and navigating caring for your newborn, you just want to rest! But you also don’t want to miss anything. And your baby is changing, literally before your eyes. 

Let me help you with this chapter of your family’s story by capturing these first moments of your newborn’s life! 

The Fresh 48 session is offered as an add-on to a completed maternity or prepaid newborn session.  While the posed newborn session has its own special place in your baby’s story, the two sessions are very different. The fresh 48 is meant to capture these first moments as they are naturally happening. The classic newborn session is posed and meticulously planned. I allow around 2 hours for this session. We will work together to coordinate my arrival between any visitors or scheduled doctor check-ins (although these can be unpredictable). I will also block off the week before and after your due date to ensure I am local following your delivery. 

The fresh 48 session includes all the images. This is usually around 30 images or more. They will be minimally retouched to preserve the event as it occurred. 

Be sure to book as early as possible to reserve the time on my calendar! Click the button below to contact me for a consultation.

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