About me

Hi! I’m Lisa!

Welcome, and thanks so much for your interest in my photography! 

I started my path in photography in high-school, where I studied graphic design and black and white film photography. Yes. I developed photos in a darkroom. From there I was a hobbyist enjoying landscape photography and just being the one in the family who hoards all the best photos from every get together.

It wasn’t till the birth of my daughter that I realized the photos I was taking were becoming more meaningful by the minute, and my daughters beautiful features and personality were changing everyday. In photo’s just weeks apart,  she looks like a different child.

I didn’t want to forget one second. And I don’t want you to, either. Everything is moving so fast in the early days of being home with your baby, but the photos will be there to remind you. You’ll look at them in amazement while you flash back to all the moments with your baby to that point and realize there’s simply no way to place a value on these memories. As the time passes, they will mean more to you than ever before.   

This is my goal for every session. To provide you with breathtaking, meaningful photos of the people you love the most in this world. And I want your children, grand children, great grand children, and so on – to be able to enjoy these beautiful portraits after you.

Signature newborn sessions take place in the client’s home. Hair and makeup can be added for mom, and access to the client closet for mom and any older siblings is included. 

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Looking for a different kind of portrait session? I now proudly offer full service luxury boudoir sessions, with the same attention to detail and quality that clients have come to expect from me. Please see the link for Bliss Boudoir in the menu bar to inquire.

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xoxo-lisa ♥

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