Hello Athena!

Posed newborn sessions are my jam. I love coordinating colors and materials, planning out poses, and all the styling involved. I love the challenge of soothing a newborn into a perfectly sleepy, curled up bundle of love. It tugs on my heartstrings and the end result of the patience in achieving some shots in particular leave me in awe.

But the fresh 48 is special in its own right. Your newborn is hours old. 

You want to remember EVERYTHING!

And the fresh 48 lifestyle session is the perfect way to capture these fleeting, sweet, unposed and unplanned moments as they are naturally happening. 

These images are raw and emotional, taking you back to the moment that would otherwise slip from memory, as there are so many changes to process and details to keep track of.  

The fresh 48 is the perfect compliment to a maternity and  newborn portrait session, and you’d be amazed at the changes in your newborn from this session to less than two weeks later at their posed portrait session.

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