Downtime (yeah, right)

Downtime because I haven’t been taking pictures for a couple of weeks. BUT – I’m busy as ever! I’ve been working on this website, which is so much harder than it seems. Going through images to watermark them after I thought I was done looking at them is the most daunting task ever. Figuring out which images to use? Which ones represent me and my brand (not to mention my growth as a photographer)? So hard. Even harder when your photo collection is as big as mine.

On top of working on the site and working on other aspects of the business side of things, I’ve been shopping. No real surprise there. There’s always stuff to buy! Newborn photography likes lots of stuff!

Instead of boring you with the details of my past week, lets just look at pretty pictures!

One of my absolute favorite things to shop for lately is props for the newborn side of things. Fabrics for backdrops and wraps, headbands and tiebacks for baby girls, soft fluffy flokati’s for nestling little babies, baskets, bowls and anything else I can find that fits the vision of the images I want to create.

Some of the recent pretties. A furry pink blanket and a tan flokati; a few interesting speckled layers – including a couple of sets of wraps and backdrops in deep wine colors; a deep sea blue set; heather gray; and oatmeal. The coral is speckled too, and it is so pretty when it’s stretched out as you can really see the variations in the colors. Some headbands, and that beautiful pearl edged sheer layer in sage that I can’t wait to use!

I can’t decide if I am going to use this curly wool as basket stuffers, or if I want to felt it in a little blanket (because, crafts!) a couple of cute baskets, some wraps, felt hearts on that pearl layer, and on the bottom left, these gorgeous wool fluffy sheets that I have the sweetest vision for, in a light brown and cool creamy gray.

…Curly fluff

Simone’s curly fluff, felted in a little blanket

HOW ADORABLE IS THIS!? There’s just never enough stuff out there for boys!

Another item that can be used for a baby boy – so adorable

lambs ear (so soft!)
And finally, this bump blanket I am hand knitting. Yes. I am knitting. It’s just hand knitting for this one, but I am knitting knitting (like with knitting needles lol) a different bump blanket that is taking me what seems like a year to complete. (so hats off to all you knitters who have ALL the patience). Isn’t this color to die for? It’s like a lavender gray. And this yarn is amazing – it’s called Couture Jazz, in lavender gray (but I want several of their other colors). This bump blanket will be 24″x24″ and will use 3 skeins. I underestimated, and only bought 2, so now I am waiting for the additional one to get here so I can complete it. It’s so soft and fluffy, it’s practically begging for a baby. You could probably make a toddler or big kid blanket with six skeins, in case you’re crafty like that and want to give it a go.

Any how, that’s all I have for today (or really, all I cared to take pictures of and write about till 3am!). I do have an exciting little craft project I’m working on with my sis, but we’re not ready to unleash it yet. How about you? Anything exciting or crafty and fun you’re working on? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time…

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